Wolf’s Custom Fixie “Blade”

Wolf's Custom Fixie Blade Bike Landyachtz Bikes

Some people just want to howl at the moon…

When we started designing a bike for Wolf, his criteria included a downward sloping top tube and lower mounted seat stays. He was inspired by the Rossin pursuit track frame that was made for the Russian Olympic team in 1988. The goal was, look fast, look cool – enter Wolf’s Custom Fixie “Blade”.

In order to keep costs down, Wolf transferred the components from his previous bike; Sram Omnium cranks, Allcity chainring and cog, Phil hubs, Velocity rims, and a Fizik saddle. The seat post, as described by Wolf, “is definitely black and made of metal”. The front wheel is a Continental and the back is a beater that Wolf plans to skid to the threads before replacing it with something nicer. It’s finished off with an Envy fork and some shitty, nearly broken flat pedals from the 5$ bin at the bike kitchen at UBC.

When asked about accessories, Wolf replied, “My bike has no accessories at all. Just the bike with as little components as possible.”

Finally, we wanted to know what he primarily used this bike for. Wolf’s answer: FEELIN GOOD ALL THE TIME.

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