Veloholics X REFORM

We wanted to get the right people on our saddles in the Vancouver area. People with a loud voice within the bike community. We looked no further than Phil Liu, owner and founder of Veloholics, in South Vancouver. If you haven’t heard of Veloholics, do yourself a solid and check them out on Instagram @veloholic_cycles or on their website here.


Team work makes the dream work, right?


Phil and Blake got the saddle onto Phil’s beautiful Cipollini The One, and into the trainer. This bike is hands down the nicest bike that has graced its presence into our shop.


Once we had the saddle in the correct position, Phil got on and took 5 minutes to familiarize himself with the new saddle. Based on his facial expressions, all signs pointed to a good fit. All this before it had even been molded.


The molding process is a quick one. 4 minutes of heating time, followed by 15 minutes of steady cadence effort, moving through your various riding positions.

If you have the opportunity to come and be molded here at the Factory Store, don’t mind Blakes proximity, he’s simply assuring that everything with the saddle is going to plan. Some might say he gets right up there! (haha)


Last but not least, we confirm the molding’s effect using the gebioMized pressure mapping systems. This is my favourite part, as if you aren’t already feeling the improvement to your fit. We now have a visual that confirms it all.

Big Thank you to Phil and his crew for coming up to visit us, and here’s to 1000’s of KM on your new REFORM Classic35!


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