He began his ascent as a teenager on a ’95 Kona Explosive, but it wasn’t until his 20s that Travis Streb found his true calling on a road bicycle. Like most people, it was the joy of cycling and a desire to keep fit that first led him to road biking. But unlike most, Travis was naturally gifted at climbing hills and burning rubber for long stretches of road. In no time, Travis found his way into competitions. He even won his first race, which only served to sink the hook further. Since then and for the past ten years, Travis has been racing on the Glotman Simpson team. He is currently one of the board members helping the team thrive and grow.


Travis’ passion and talent for climbing has made the Glotman Simpson Cypress Challenge a big part of his cycling career. The Cypress Challenge is the largest fundraiser for pancreatic cancer research in Canada. The event has raised over $2.4 million dollars since 2006. The funds raised at this event have helped the BC Cancer Foundation to build the Pancreas Center BC in Vancouver. 2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of the event and this year, Travis wanted to do something a bit different to raise awareness and funds. He has set the goal of climbing 1 million vertical feet in a period of one year—that’s the equivalent of ascending Mt. Everest 34 times. His Million Foot Challenge begins now.


With a family at home and a full time job that requires constant travel, Travis will need to get creative with his cycling schedule. This means hours in the saddle at very awkward times, balancing family, work and biking. On top of all this, there is the challenge of finding a bike that can handle being ridden hard, constantly, and for long distances. This is where Landyachtz comes in. With their shared mantra of making the most of your commute and their new built-to-last modern steel bike, Landyachtz is the perfect partner to help Travis fit in some serious vertical on his way to and from work.


Travis knows that racing can be elitist, as you need money and fitness to really be competitive. He also knows it’s far too easy to get caught up spending money on latex tubes, carbon fiber and professional leg waxing. By adding a steel bike to his fleet that will see the lion’s share of his riding he hopes to return to the modest, pure essence of cycling. He says the new Landyachtz bike fits perfectly, feels great and, knowing that it will last a lifetime, he takes great pride in riding it.


Looking ahead to 2018, Landyachtz and @pinkbartape will be presenting the Seymour Challenge to further Travis’s cause. Rumor has it there will be a steel bike category.