Tom's 1146

Tom - Bricks - IMG_1306-2.jpg

All that glitters...

The first bike Tom used for commuting was a steel framed 10 speed. It wasn’t very stiff, or fast, so he switched to a carbon road bike. The carbon bike was fast, but he found it too harsh for riding Vancouver's rough pavement. He realized the ideal bike would combine the supple feel of steel with the speed and responsiveness of carbon. 

Like all of our 1146 models, the frame was hand made at our Union Street shop in Vancouver. The 1146 road bike geometry was welded with Columbus tubing around Paragon Machine Works components, including a larger 44mm head tube and a press fit bottom bracket. This gave the steel frame just enough stiffness to be super fast. Tom was blown away by how much more comfortable the 1146 was than his previous carbon bike.

Tom remarked, "It felt like a rocket the first time I rode it. It is so fun. Every time I ride it’s a treat." 

Tom wanted the raw steel look to keep the brazing visible and wanted us to find a way to make it really pop. We polished the heck out of it and used a special compound that turned the steel into a really interesting toasted color. We were extremely pleased when the powder coating improved the look even further.

The 1146 is a race inspired frame, so we decided to give it some extra flair with an Italian made Campagnolo Veloce groupset. The cockpit is built up with super light alloy Ritchey WCS parts. We added a set of our prototype TRU carbon disc wheels, paired with the ultra fast and grippy continental Grand prix 4000 tires. Finally, we added TRP disc brakes for responsive and rapid deceleration. 

Tom is also testing out one of our new prototype saddles. We're looking forward to sharing more about these extremely comfortable and light seats in the near future.