Reform – Classic

The Reform saddle uses your sit bones and unique riding position to create an amazingly comfortable fit, specifically for you. Molded at your local certified shop in under half an hour.


You’re a Perfect Fit.

Saddle pressure exists when your sitting position is not matched by your saddle’s form, causing discomfort in your ride. Having a saddle that conforms to the contours of your sit bones reduces those pressures, enabling a more comfortable seated riding position. The animated graphic shows the pressure point analysis taken during a fitting of a Reform Saddle, Red displaying high pressure areas.

The Reform saddle by Landyachtz is one of the best upgrades for any bicycle. Experience custom comfort that can only be designed with first-hand knowledge of your body and unique riding style

Saddle Construction

Every component of the Reform Saddle is hand picked and designed for optimum performance.

Beeswax finish

From the apiary on the roof of the Landyachtz Head Office in Vancouver.

Genuine Leather

Provides the comfort and feel of a natural material that will age beautifully over time.

Proprietary Integrated Heating System

Heats the thermo-moldable aspects of the saddle so that the shell can form to the individuals anatomy during the fitting process.

Carbon Fiber Shell

Ultra-light durable framework for the saddle.

Carbon Fiber Rail System

Ultra-light, extremely strong, and flexible where needed.

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