“Kylie” Build 2.0. She is designed to be the ultimate super fast work horse. a hair longer than normal road geometry and clearance for 42c tires. She is designed for adventure both on and off road but can still keep up on weekend club rides

1x all the way! All the gears you need and none of the ones you don’t. Great range of gearing and less moving parts to brake. Build 2.0 features some flossy carbon from Easton. The EC90 cranks are cinch mounted to a 44 tooth front ring and a matching post and stem to complete the look and feel. the bars are not Easton but will be after the tax return.

Carbon wheels on a commuter bike?? Umm…yeah. They are fast, stiff, and make sending the ride to and from work a blast. Plus, look at them. So sexy. Wrapped in Schwable G1 Speeds in a 30c, these have grip and speed for days.


All in all this bike is built to get me where I need to be, fast.


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