Juan of A Kind

Juan Diaz, our resident customer service manager, regularly commutes from Metrotown to our Strathcona office and back on his skateboard. The round-trip totals over 20 kilometers a day. When Juan mentioned to Mike Perreten, Landyachtz founder, that he wanted to start cycling to work, the two began to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind, race-inspired commuter.

“I wanted something fun,” Juan says. “I wanted an aggressive road bike. A road-specific frame. You know what I told Mike?” He laughs, “I said I just want to go fast.”

Mike and Juan set to work making him a bike that would do just that. They combined geometry usually found on aluminum race frames with Columbus tubing, resulting in a nimble ride that’s still supple enough to ride comfortably on some of Vancouver’s rougher streets.

“With this bike, I can go distances,” He says. “It’s not a touring bike, though. It’s made to go fast. I can keep up with traffic. But, it’s also sturdy enough to take off road. It’s not a cross frame, but I could race cyclocross on it.”

Juan isn’t the only one pumped about his bike. The entire staff was excited to see the what our designers and engineers have come up with. “We’re a team who take the details of our products very seriously because they’re used every day,” he says.

But, this is more than just the first LY Bike to appear in the office. It represents an exciting new direction for Landyachtz, and a preview of the years to come.

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