By Pro Rider and Tutti Gravel Inn Owner Kelly Servinski

This route incorporates a little bit of everything that makes gravel riding in Clinton so amazing. It’s the one you dream of while you’re training all winter. Think of the ride as a large order of poutine at the Sugar Shack, it will be a challenge to just finish it!

Just over 200km this loop will throw a bit of everything at ya. Nice rollout of Clinton towards the river, some climbing to be done then the turn onto High Bar Rd. Kind of a camelback descent with a ripping drop down to the Cougar Point Lookout. Stop here. It’s mind blowing. Just don’t stay too long, you got a long way to go. Hop back on and tackle the real deal descent down to the river.

Gravel dreamland next up. Followed by a solid climb out of the valley. Water in the bush on riders right nearing the top of the Big Bar Ferry climb. Artesian well! That’s it for water till the Sugar Shack in 70mile.

Rolling, rolling, rolling for the next few hrs.

Jump onto the GRST (Great Snowmobile Trail) which dumps you out at the Sugar Shack. Say “bonjour” to Robert the owner.

Slam some poutine, a coke, beef jerky and a can of pop or more. Watch out for the little dog he’s a scavenger!

Roll out and hookup up with Old Cariboo Wagon Rd >Chasm Rd which will lead you to the Chasm canyon. Yeah, it’s a wow moment.

Keep trucking towards Hwy 97 via the old sawmill and follow till you take a right onto Big Bar Rd. Feeling tired yet? Ate too much poutine? As you grind up Big Bar remember that if you finish only did you complete a savage ride but if you are a guest of Tutti Gravel Inn you have a chance to win a whizzy set of WeAreOne Composites Revive wheels!

Turn off Big Bar and you will eventually get funnelled into the XC ski trails – pure roadies will hate it , others will love it. Keep the rubber side down and you will end up hitting the Tin Can Trail as the finish to the ride. It’s got some nice flow and perfect for a gravel bike.

Drop into Clinton with 2 bills under your belt and head for tutti gravel inn and fill us in on how it went.

Viva la poutine!

Ride Summary


205 Km



Est. Moving Time:



10 Burritos 🌯


Extra Hot 🌶️

Ride Highlights

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