By team rider and Landyachtz employee Lucas Greenough

This route is just as much an adventure, as it is a bike ride. There are a handful of short sections that will require you to hike, but it’s worth it, to get off the beaten path and explore the North Shore. We recommend a set of shoes you’re comfortable walking in and be prepared to get out of your comfort zone; this is unlike most other bike rides.  

Make your way east and then over the Iron Workers Bridge. Off the bride head west on Main St, until you reach the M.E.C., where the gravel starts. If you need to grab any snacks, now is a good time to do so. You’ll jump on the Sea to Sky Trail and start climbing up, somewhat parallel to the highway. It weaves its way through some neighborhoods and up towards the base of Mt Fromme. It’ll spit you out at Lynn Valley Road, where you will jump on the road and pass under the highway before making a tricky left turn and back onto gravel. 

 This time you will be on and off the road, with a couple short sets of stairs to walk up. After you cross Braemar St, you hike a set of stairs and come out at the bottom of St Mary’s Ave; a tough and steep road climb. Get in your granny gear and crank your way to the top (at least it’s on road and not gravel 😉). 

At the top of the climb, you will make a left onto the Powerline Trail and begin your traverse west. This is a fun section with your first taste of some downhill gravel, so enjoy it. At the end of the Power Line Trail, you will notice the trail getting narrower at a transmission tower. This is where you will need to dismount again and look for a narrow shoot heading down the hill; This is where you are going to hike down. It’s short but steep and loose, so please take you time and watch your footing.  

This will get you to a short rideable section down to Mosquito Creek, which you’ll cross and make your way the other side, joining up with the Powerline Trail once again. Keep an eye out on your left for some good views of the city before getting spit out into the Grouse Mountain parking lot. On your way down from Grouse, you’ll make a quick left on Grousewoods Dr. and then a right down a hidden path as you head for the backyard trails on your way to the Cleveland Dam. This is a beautiful section of flowy single track.  

We recommend checking out the dam and filling up with some water here. After that you’ll head up the Baden Powell and start climbing up through the British Properties; there are some spectacular views along the way. Once you reached the highest paved section, you’ll traverse for a bit before jumping onto Millstream Trail, and continue traversing on that until it spits you out at the high view point on Cypress Bowl Rd. There are a number of short sections that will require you to hike along this section. When leaving the lookout, the trail is technical and you may be more comfortable hiking rather than riding. 

You’re going to weave your way through more of the British Properties and some fun backyard trails before coming out on the Cypress Bowl Rd again. If this section of single track doesn’t appeal to you, or you’re tight for time. You can always descend on Cypress Bowl Rd, from the high view point. 

As you head along Cypress Bowl Rd, at the first switchback, you’ll have to cross the road and cut onto Eagle Lake Access Rd. Keep your head up here, as the cars like to go fast around the corner. Once on the access road you will follow it for a while before turning off onto a gravel fire road called Northwood Connector. From there onto Nelson Creek Fire Access Rd for a bit before taking a left onto a narrower track that descends towards the water. This trail is steep and loose so what your speed.  

Once you’re out on the road, there’s a fast descent on pavement into Eagle Harbour that gets a little spooky as well. Now you’re going to make your way back to the Lion Gate Bridge and home through Stanley Park. The route weaves you through some different roads and trails on your way back as opposed to the traditional route along SW Marine Dr. We wanted to encourage people to explore the area a bit more, but again, if you want to take a more direct route home, you can follow SW Marine Dr to the bridge.  

We hope you enjoy the adventure 😊  

Ride Summary


70 Km


1300 m

Est. Moving Time:



4.5 Burritos 🌯


Extremely  Hot 🌶️

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