By team rider and Landyachtz employee Lucas Greenough

This routes features trails at the lower end of the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. The majority of the climbing is done on smooth double track, whereas, the descending takes place on wide single-track trails incorporating many switchback corners. If you’re looking for a shorter, exciting ride, this one is for you. 

From the shop you’ll make your way over the Iron Workers Bridge into North Vancouver. Just after the bridge there’s a plaza that has a Starbucks and a few food options; this is a good place to grab anything you may have forgotten before heading into the trails. Once you’re in North Vancouver you’ll make your way up into Seymour Heights to access the Hyannis Trailhead; this is where the gravel begins.  At first the trail is generous single track that snakes its way North, but this doesn’t last long, as you quickly head into your first major descent.  


The descent starts as you turn off of Hyannis Trail onto Bridal Trail; approach with caution as it can be steep and exposed at times. This is one of the two major descents in this route; and acts as a fun warm up for your switchback turning ability. Keep a specific eye out for uphill travelers as a few of the corners are blind. On somewhat of a sidenote, the vegetation in here is pretty cool so don’t be afraid to “stop and smell the roses”. 


At the end of Bridal Trail, you’ll be spit out onto Fishermans Trail and you’ll make right, towards the suspension bridge. After the bridge make a hard left uphill and onto Twin Bridges Trail. This one’s wide and gradual, so settle in for a nice smooth climb. Eventually you’ll turn left onto a trail that weaves around some ponds and out towards Lillooet Rd. It can feel like a bit of a maze in there, so if you do get turned around, just make sure to head West, towards the road. Once you’re at the road, follow the gravel tail that runs parallel along the side.  


Keep an eye out for the Camp Brick Bypass on the left-hand side of the road; you’ll climb a few switchbacks up that trail and meet up with Upper Richard Juryn TrailA good point to stop and grab a drink, as well as, check out a fun feature up ahead. I would definitely recommend walking and scouting out the rock slab on the right side of the trail. Don’t worry, there’s a ride around on the left side, if slabs aren’t for you. After the slab, you’ll ride through a flat loamy section; immediately after that, stick to the right side for a clean line down the next part. The next kilometer or so the trail is somewhat of a creek bed; making it chunky and wet a lot of the time. Once you’re through there you’ll reach the Baden Powell you’ve hit the main event.  


The Baden Powell – Pipeline Crossing is a wide single-track trail that runs roughly 800m; It features fast straight sections with tight switchback corners. It offers a great combination of high speeds, technical corners and trailside exposure. Something very important to note, at the end of this trail you are forced to dismount a carry your bike down a set of stairs and they come up quick, so keep your head up. 


After descending that stairs, there will be a short techy climb on the other side of the bridge, it’s unclear whether it’s ever been cleaned on a bike, but it’s always worth a try.  


At this point you’ve reached the court at the end of Riverside Dr and you have a nice smooth roll towards the bridge. The route features a fun little gravel detour through Seymour River Heritage Park, not a bad place for an end of the ride beverage. From there you’ll retrace your steps back to the shop.  

Ride Summary


30.2 Km



Est. Moving Time:

2.5 Hrs 


3 Burritos 🌯


4 Coffees  ☕️

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