By team rider and Landyachtz employee Lucas Greenough

This route is a great variation on the short Demolition Forest ride, especially if you’re looking to get a little sample of some North Shore tech for the gravel bike. The Circuit 8 portion of the ride is a great place to learn and practice some technical skills. It takes place on low angle terrain with a variety of mellow features. It also features some beautiful sections of the demolition road, with some beautiful pit stops scattered throughout.

You’re going to start like you would any other ride to the Demolition Forest, over the Iron Workers Bridge and up Riverside DrIf you do need to stop for anything before heading into the forest, make sure to do so at the Northwoods Village. At the end of Riverside Dr head onto Fishermans Trail. You’ll follow that trail along the river north, until you hit the junction for Spur 4, this is another good spot for a little rest, although it can be buggy at times.  

From here you’re going to head up the Hydraulic Connector Trailpunchy singletrack climb up to a beautiful lookout that’s a great place to stop and refuel. Once you’re ready, continue up the hilalong the wide single-track trail that will spit you out at the road. After catching your breath, head south along the road for a while. The road is beautiful and slightly own hill which makes for a fun rolling descent to the turn off for the Circuit 8 Trail 

You’ll start off with a quick rip down and across the service road, as you head into the Circuit 8 section. We have plotted a route through here, but feel free to explore, and ride things in a different direction, whatever floats your boat. It is relatively flat in here and most of it can be ridden in either direction. Have fun in here, take your time, try new things, fall and get back up. Not everything has to be high pace riding.  

Once you’ve had your fill, you’ll make your way out the way you came in and back onto the road. There are a few ways you can link back up with Fishermans Trail, we’ve recommended the single-track switchbacks that spit you out and the end of Riverside Dr. Although, if you don’t feel like hiking down those stairs at the end, then you could always head back on the Twin Bridges Trail.  

Ride Summary


45 Km


600 m

Est. Moving Time:



3 Burritos 🌯


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