Pascal had a need to get from A to B on a daily basis and needed a bike that was up to the task. But on top of that Pascal has a rather successful history of racking bikes and his A to B sled needed to be fast, strong, nimble, durable, responsive and able to play on some longer rides over the weekends. the fact that it looks sweet was not part of the requirements but we threw that is as a bonus for him.

This bike is spec’d with SRAM Force 1x HRD (Hydraulic Road Disc); Why? Because it’s the bee’s knee’s of the 1x world, less moving parts, a wide range of gears, and consistent precision performance.

Pascal chose to go with a set of 29er MTB wheels to offer a wider rim and more burly construction. He is running the Race Face Affect 24. The wheels are mounted to a set of Continental Grand Prix 4000 in a 28c width. Because of the wider rim his 28s inflate to 30c giving them a very supported sidewall for added support, traction.

Some of the accessories that will make the way onto this bike are fenders because this bike lives in Vancouver but the real treat is the Reform Custom Molded saddle. The full carbon and leather saddle is custom molded to Pascal giving him the most stylish and comfortable ride possible, while he rides from North Vancouver to East Vancouver with spandex under his denim.