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Landyachtz Custom Bikes 1146-splice


We know your time is valuable and maximizing it by riding a bike you absolutely love and have a close connection with is why we do what we do! Landyachtz 1146 custom bikes are carefully handcrafted at 1146 Union Street, our East Vancouver workshop. Each bike we build is custom tailored to your desires, tastes and specifications.



What starts with an idea quickly evolves into your dream bike and we’re here to provide our experience to help ensure you’re making great choices at every stage of the build. Firstly we figure out what type of riding you do and how you do it as this helps guide us through decisions relating to geometry, materiality and componentry. With a decent idea of what you’re after we can now gauge the cost of your build, at which point we take a deposit – the wheel is now officially rolling! The next stage is to nail down geometry with our precision fitting team – this info is then passed onto our build crew who can start working on the actual building – build time varies depending on where you sit in the queue and availability of materials and components. Once the bike is built we’ll run through the bike-fit procedure before hitting the road together to make sure everything is looking and feeling like the best bike you’ll ever own.

Adrian's Ti Gravel Custom 

custom ti gravel bike drivetrain anodized sream

 Svein Tuft's Custom experience 

In Svein Tuft’s 20 years of professional cycling, including all 3 Grand Tours,  custom bikes.  We felt there’s no one better to run you through their experience with our custom bike program, in this conversation with Lucas at our Vancouver HQ.


⫸ Handmade Steel Frames starting at $3750

⫸ Handmade Titanium Frames starting at $4999

⫸ Custom options: contact for details

⫸ Custom paint options: Starting at $250 CND


Please fill out the form below and a Landyachtz bike builder will reach out to you to set up your initial phone consultation.  

Feel free to call us at 604.253.2005 or send us an email if you have any questions. We’re Looking forward to building your dream bike with you!  


Rays Ti Gravel Bike

Chris's Titanium Road Bike

Jackson's Steel Hardtail

Bruce's Titanium Road Bike

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