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Welcome To Landyachtz


Landyachtz began in 1997 when Mike Perreten and Tom Edstrand started making skateboards in their basement at University. Their boards were designed to make getting around campus more fun.  The boards did not look like conventional skateboards and so people began asking questions. Mike and Tom thought that if they could make getting around more fun for themselves, why not try getting others to experience this as well?  Thus, a business was born! In the early days, the need to simulate surfing and snowboarding lead to a vibrant downhill scene which grew to international acclaim. Their boards challenged the status quo of what a skateboard could be and how it could be used. They faced a lot of resistance from the industry but persevered, resulting in Landyachtz becoming a pioneer in the skateboard world.

Twenty years later, Landyachtz has over 60 employees, with spaces in East Vancouver and LA county, a manufacturing facility in Kimberly BC, and our recently opened flagship store in the Strathcona neighborhood of Vancouver. 

Bikes were always a part of Mike and Tom’s lives and have a similar power to skateboards; they can transform a journey into a highlight of your day and help improve your life. With years of manufacturing expertise, product design experience, an innovative team, passion for bicycling and the same mission of transforming lives, Landyachtz started their newest chapter of building bicycles. Their goal remains the same; to positively change the way people move.


1146 Union St. - The Landyachtz Flagship Store

Located one block north of Landyachtz HQ, 1146 Union Street is the first standalone retail space the company has ever had. The 130+ year-old building is located in the Strathcona neighbourhood of East Vancouver. It sits right on the Adanac bike route, making it an easy stop for riders commuting to and from their downtown jobs. More than just a store, the shop serves as a clubhouse where weekly rides are a gathering point for like-minded riders. Union Street offers a full-service bicycle repair shop, vintage arcade and pinball room, full mini ramp, and a frame building shop where all the bikes are designed and handmade.