We woke up super early to catch the 8am ferry to Galeano Island. Cam forced us to take group photos when we were still half asleep. Note, drink more coffee. Alege was stoked, but he’s always stoked!


A hill climb break, about 20km into our island ride. Locals warned us that the island was hilly, they weren’t kidding. This is Lover’s Leap lookout, the perfect spot for a beer re-fuel. We watched boats sail by and discussed our financial plans to co-own a Mega Yacht.


After an hour of getting lost we found the “secret route” down Bodega Beach Road. This took us straight to Dionisio Point Provincial Park. We gave the bikes a break and explored the crazy rock formations.


We had the whole park to ourselves, probably because it’s so hard to find. Obviously we picked the camping spot with the best view! Just as we finished setting everything up it started to rain and it didn’t stop until the next day. But we had booze, plenty of space, food, and great company… That’s really all that matters.


Our morning ride out of Dionisio was wet (still raining!), foggy, and pretty damn surreal. The weather made for a really cool ride, both figuratively and literally.


At this point the fog had lost its appeal and the rain was getting annoying. We were slightly delusional from cold and hunger and got way too excited when we saw a sign for warm food and beer. We hauled ass but ended up at Montague Provincial Park, completely missing the turnoff.


Still a pretty cool detour though. It was a learning experience trying to navigate our loaded bikes through heavy mud (and watching Gilbert fall at least twice).

We eventually made our way to The Crane and Robin right by Montague Harbour, where we filled up on more beer and actual food. Andrea pigged out on the gluten-free tacos.